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Experience the Artistry of Slow Bodywork

Thomas brings years of experience and a diverse skill set to provide you with the highest quality trauma-informed massage and bodywork services.

Tantramassage Mastery: With extensive training and hands-on experience as a tantramasseur since 2019, Thomas possesses a deep understanding of the principles and practices of tantric healing. Their expertise allows them to guide clients on a journey of sensual awakening, relaxation, and personal transformation.

De-Armouring Proficiency: As a seasoned de-armouring practitioner, Thomas has honed their ability to facilitate the release of stagnant energy and emotional blockages. Through gentle touch, breathwork, and conscious pressure, they create a safe and loving space for clients to explore and heal deep-rooted patterns.

Physiological Massage Knowledge: Having obtained the title of physiological masseur, Thomas combines their expertise in anatomy, physiology, and massage techniques to provide a holistic approach to bodywork. They incorporate various modalities, such as Lomi Lomi, deep tissue, fascia release, and chi nhe tsang, to address specific client needs and promote overall well-being.

Client-Centered Care: Thomas takes a client-centered approach, deeply valuing your unique needs and preferences. They actively listen, adapt their techniques, and create a personalized session that supports your physical, emotional, and energetic well-being.

Continuous Growth and Learning: Committed to their professional growth, Thomas regularly participates in advanced training and stays up-to-date with the latest developments in massage therapy and bodywork. This dedication ensures that you receive the highest level of care and expertise during each session.

Experience the artistry and skill of Slow Bodywork, where Thomas' professional expertise and passion for healing merge to create a transformative and nurturing experience for your mind, body, and spirit.

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