Once you have started understanding your body, ninety-nine percent of your miseries will simply disappear

- Osho




"Tasters" are here

Are you curious about tantra massages or De-Armouring, but find it a lot to invest in 2-3 hours? Then Tasters are for you. 

These 30 minute sessions will give you an idea of how the full thing will be, and of course, there are no expectations of you.

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Progressive treatment available

Learn about, understand and honour your boundaries, learn how to communicate with and re-sensitize your body, heighten your emotional intelligence and awareness, while releasing old trauma and pent-up, stuck emotions, before having the ultimate experience.

This step-by-step treatment features more than a total of 24 hours of bodywork and free coaching alongside it. It is a way for you to progress forward and understand why you do what you do, and change it for the better.

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Bevidst is LIVE

The word BEVIDST is Danish and means CONSCIOUS, and we are a community of people who aim to expand consciousness and love through playfulness.

We create events, retreats, workshops, so if you are brave, open-minded, curious, supportive, and mature, and you're looking for mind-blowing exercises, joyful moments in a safe heart-space, and a new way of living - then this is for you.

And even if you are feeling unsure about the above, you can always join and take a peek. Find our group here on facebook.


Meet Your Bodyworker

Hi, I'm Thomas - Tantric Bodyworker

I have had the honour and privilege of empowering hundreds of clients on their path to a better life through bodywork.

My mission is to help my clients to be more conscious of their bodies and emotions, grow - while finding inner peace, awareness in their boundaries and power, and locate the playful authenticity which resides within.



I felt completely safe and relaxed with Thomas, who was very present, calm and loving as a masseur. He has helped me like no one else has been able to open me up and listen to my body, my heart and my needs. Strengthen the love for myself and my self-esteem. After the massages, I feel full of energy and freedom, clear in my head, warm and light in heart, more strong and confident, and not least filled with love and joy.

It is a wonderfully enriching experience and journey to take a course at Thomas with both tantra and de-amouring that I can recommend to any woman, for the greatest self-love gift to yourself.

~ woman, 36