What Can Slow Bodywork Do For You?



Refine Orgasmic Potential
Cultivate Pleasure
Relieve Pain
Transform Numbness
Alleviate Sexual Plight
Foster Increased Energy
Ignite Spiritual Awakening

The idea behind Awakening is to support you in your erotic and sexual growth and maturity, and to help you open up for all your deep desires and longings, because therein lies your libido, or life force, which you use to engage with the world.

The practice is done by guiding your body from pain or numbness into pleasure, by regulating your sensitivity and opening up your tissue for orgasmic pleasure, identifying and moving sexual energy, and servicing your emotional and physical needs.

And it is done in your pace, in your power, with your consent and within your boundaries.


Alleviate Stuck Emotions
Ease Blocked Energy
Increase Sensitivity
Encourage Joy
Create Inner Peace
Find Healthy Boundaries

Do you struggle with blocked emotions? Are you unable to connect fully with the people and world around you? With your body or your emotions? Are you stuck in your head and don't know what to do?

Slow Bodywork offer a variety of solutions for your physical, psychological, and spiritual journey.


Clear the Mind
Improve Openness
Reduce Stress
Encourage Rejuvenation
Cultivate Wellness
Provide Grounding

Relaxation is the base of all bodywork. If you are unable to relax, then your body will not be able to receive

In this massage you will be touched like never before. Get your mind, body, and soul completely calm and relaxed. You will be submerged into deeply satisfying experiences and leave with not a care in the world - perfect for curing skin hunger, stress-release, and more.


Learn Boundaries 101
Support Your Growth

Nurture Empowerment
Receive Aftercare

I offer coaching aftercare and practices to support your needs, emotional or otherwise.

Who Is Slow Bodywork

Tantra-based Bodywork in Copenhagen, Denmark

Hi. I'm Thomas.

I am a Tao/Tantra Massage Therapists and De-Armouring practitioner. I do Tantric Bodywork, meaning I offer my expertise in your service, whether it is just a relaxing massage, tantra massage or therapeutic work. My expertise consists of a variety of touch, massages, and emotional space holding that work on therapeutic and energetic levels.

Through this I unlock the potential of self-healing in each guest, oftentimes resulting in improvements from the very first session.

Trust my hands, trust your ability to heal and allow yourself to feel better than you ever imagined possible.




I felt completely safe and relaxed with Thomas, who was very present, calm and loving as a masseur. He has helped me like no one else has been able to open me up and listen to my body, my heart and my needs. Strengthen the love for myself and my self-esteem. After the massages, I feel full of energy and freedom, clear in my head, warm and light in heart, more strong and confident, and not least filled with love and joy.

It is a wonderfully enriching experience and journey to take a course at Thomas with both tantra and de-amouring that I can recommend to any woman, for the greatest self-love gift to yourself.

~ Guest


What I offer

I offer progressive treatments and single sessions.

Progressive treatment is a fusion of your needs and wants, my experience and skills, and the increasing resonance between us over time - allowing for a higher state of healing. It incorporates various massage types and techniques, De-Armouring practices, coaching and tutoring, and much more. It is the ultimate gateway to a completely new life. 

When you book a progressive treatment, you start by booking a primer, and after that, you book 5 sessions at a time - which includes coaching and aftercare.

Single sessions are to satiate your curiosity, desire and pleasure, and vary in intensity - depending on your level of experience and energy level.

Single sessions are tantra massages, de-armouring, or relaxing massages to bring you back into your body.  


Price Structure

Weekdays 8-16

600 DKK pr. hour

If you book a session that ends no later than 16:00, regardless of the session, the price structure is 600 DKK an hour.

Evenings and weekends

800 DKK pr. hour

If you book outside normal hours, or the session continues until later than 16:00 on weekdays, the price is adjusted accordingly but only for the session time after 16:00.

Home Service

+ 300 DKK

I offer Home Service, which means I will come to your home and perform the session. Within the Copenhagen area, the price is 300 DKK on top of the session price, due to preparation, overtime and transport. Outside of Copenhagen - please contact me for more information.

If you have any questions about the prices or bookings, please don't hesitate to reach out in the chat, or by email. Please read the Terms & Conditions for discount offers.


In-depth information

An in-depth guide to Tantra Massages

An in-depth guide to Tantra Massages

An in-depth guide to De-Armouring

An in-depth guide to De-Armouring


Still not convinced?

Then read a personal experiences from one of my guests or check out the testimonials section


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