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Lene, 37

"The tantric massage at Thomas' was a lovely, self-loving and sensual experience, where I really felt my body and got my head turned off. Already in our initial phone conversation, I felt safe.


Thomas' calmness is contagious, and his whole approach to the massage is very safe and caring. Throughout the session I felt met by him and really felt his presence. There is no doubt that he knows what he is doing. Days later, I still felt the extra energy I experienced during the session.


I can highly recommend a tantric massage with Thomas."

The tantra massage was a beautiful experience of receiving and security to be with what is. Thomas was excellent at noticing subtle energy shifts, especially when I was resisting a feeling by going out with my consciousness - out of my body, and he was able to lead me through places I initially didn't want to go, which made it possible for me to let go of old things. I am truly grateful for that!

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