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"The tantra massage was a beautiful experience of receiving and safety to be with what is. Thomas was excellent in noticing subtle energy shifts, especially when I resisted a feeling by going off with my awareness - out of my body, being able to lead me through where I initially did not want to go, enabling me release old stuff. I am really grateful for that!"

"I would recommend the combined massage, body de-armouring and the Yoni massage. I felt safe throughout the whole massage which allowed me to let go and experience and feel my body in a way I would have never expected. The gentle stroking was actually the most ecstatic part of the massage, which I cannot describe using words. I am looking forward to the next massage!"

"A very sensual, relaxing massage! You (Thomas) helped me to get more in contact to myself. Thank you!"

"Thomas made me feel completely safe and relaxed which is normally not an easy task. But I could completely leave all my worries and thoughts behind and just be for a few hours."

"The massage was one of the best experiences of my life, as it gave me confidence that I don’t need a man in my life to be fulfilled. I would highly recommend this therapist to any single woman (and also to women in relationships for that matter), so that they can experience how good it can be to be treated like a queen by a man."

"My strongest recommendations of Thomas as a tantra masseur - his professionalism and trustworthy energy enabled me to surrender and fully enjoy the experience."

"Thomas gives massage in an extremely caring and respectful way. He’s very attentive to how the receiver is experiencing it and makes sure there is no discomfort and that the whole experience is about the receiver and their preferences.
Would highly recommend the massage provided by Thomas."

"You have a very beautiful sensitive touch and an incredibly intuitive way of moving forward progressively reading body signs that made the massage unforgettable. Thanks so much again for a truly pure and empowering experience"

"You have magical hands! The energy flow you start I have never experienced before. You are great at reading me. Although I have a hard time putting words to it, you hear everything and see everything. Thank you for your inclusiveness, calm and warmth. It's nice to feel that you are solid, ready to hold and that all emotions are welcome. It feels safe and natural to be in your company and nice to feel that I can actually get out of my head and into my body.

It's the best thing I've done for myself in many years. It's the journey I do not want to go home from, nor do I have to finish. It's just the beginning, I can feel it.

You are an amazing guide on my journey and my heart bubbles with gratitude. You have not only given me renewed hope but also faith that the change I have been seeking for so long exists. Thanks for the help Thomas.

With all my heart THANK YOU! "

"I can for sure say you are the world class masseur. It was surprising. Delicious. Sensual and present. And in fact, I am still most touched by the way you saw me. You looked right into my soul and in a way saw ALL the beauty.

Thank you!"

"You are really talented and I always come home with a feeling of renewed peace of mind after the therapeutic sessions we have. Your calm and your spiritual presence create a safe atmosphere in which you dare to open up - because you know you are holding space.

So thank you for it and you. "


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