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Yoni De-Armouring Session

Sacred Healing: Yoni De-Armouring Session

  • 2 hours
  • 1.800 danske kroner
  • Tagensvej

Service Description

Experience the profound journey of our Yoni De-Armouring Session, a sacred and nurturing space designed to release emotional blockages, restore harmony, and honor the sacred feminine within. This session holds a special intention to foster safety, healing, and reconnection. Guided by the essence of the sacred Yoni, this transformative process aims to awaken your heart-yoni connection, facilitate the healing of sexual trauma, and offer meticulous Yoni mapping for a cognitive understanding of erogenous zones and internal spots. Beyond this, it gently re-sensitizes tissue, clears milia, and dissolves protective armour. Our Yoni De-Armouring is a compassionate and sensitive experience, placing utmost emphasis on your comfort and relaxation. The journey commences with a comprehensive back and front massage that nurtures your skin and lymphatic system, creating a foundation of profound relaxation. Gradually, with your consent and at your pace, the focus shifts to your Yoni, your divine Temple. Indulge in the soothing embrace of our skilled practitioners as they employ relaxing, loving touch around your Yoni's outer areas. As you extend your invitation, internal massage and de-armouring commence, a gentle and reverent exploration of your Yoni's intricate layers. The session culminates with a delicate and tender conclusion, leaving you enveloped in a sense of peace and newfound vitality. Embrace the healing power of our Yoni De-Armouring Session – an invitation to embrace your sacred self, nurture your body, and kindle the flame of transformation in the haven of your Yoni's sanctuary.

Contact Details

  • Tagensvej 85C, Copenhagen Municipality, Denmark


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