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De-Armouring Session

Unlock, Release, Transform: Your Journey to Emotional Liberation

  • 2 hours
  • 1.800 danske kroner
  • Tagensvej

Service Description

Are you contending with persistent negative thought patterns, disconnection from your body and sensuality, physical tension, or suppressed emotions like fear, shame, guilt, or anger? Our holistic De-Armouring healing modality is your guiding light to break free from these limitations, releasing stored trauma and emotions that hinder your growth. De-Armouring empowers you to forge deeper connections, embrace intimacy, and lead a more authentic life. With a blend of talk, exercises, trigger-point massage, nurturing space-holding, and empathetic emotional support, each session is a unique and tailored experience that meets your specific needs. Conducted on a comfortable floor mattress, our De-Armouring sessions provide a safe haven for your emotional journey. Your pathway to self-discovery and empowerment encompasses a range of transformative elements, including relaxation techniques, meditation, boundary exploration, consent exercises, sound healing with tuning forks, emotional release, trigger-point massage on targeted areas, and specialized De-Armouring of the yoni (after 3-5 sessions). Our sessions culminate in emotional support, ensuring you're nurtured through every step of your healing journey. Experience the profound potential of De-Armouring – a bridge to release, transformation, and emotional liberation.

Contact Details

  • Tagensvej 85C, Copenhagen Municipality, Denmark


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