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If you are new to all of this, and you want a step-by-step treatment which guides you from pained unconscious to blissed conscious, I suggest experiencing the Progressive Treatment. It works like this:

Primer: 1 session: boundaries, Emotional intelligence and fluidity

Level 1: 5 sessions: emotional and physical release

Level 2: 5 sessions: sexual release, healing and empowerment

The whole progressive treatment is a total of 24 hours of 

I also offer single session Body Therapy, that are massages which blend your immediate needs with ancient practices like Taoist and Tantric Massage principles, and chi nei tsang, but also Deep Tissue work, Trigger Point Therapy, and regular massage work.



Here, you also have the option of adding 30 minutes of Infrared Sauna to your purchase, before the massage, which will soften your muscles and completely relax you - to benefit the result remarkably.

Single session Body Therapy is performed on a table and are usually 1-2 hours long.


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Empowerment Course

If you want to go into a tantric lifestyle, this is the definitive course to take.

Learn the Basics


The Primer is the foundation of the whole empowerment course, which teaches you all the basics. 

1 session of 3 hours

What we will explore:

Mirroring and understanding your current life situation

How your boundaries work, how they feel, and how to apply them
Introduction to the language of touch, consent and energy

What is tantra/de-armouring for you, and how to apply it
How to connect body and mind, and an introduction to your emotions

Release, Heal and Expand

Level 1

Level 1 will strengthen your self-understanding, self-trust, and empower you to take action on the things you want in life.

5 sessions of 2 hour De-Armouring.

What we will explore:
Releasing stuck emotions andfinding emotional fluidity/intelligence through regulation
Understanding and working with the pain body while increasing your sensitivity
Deepening the understanding of boundaries and how to be empowered through them

What are stress responses, defense mechanisms and activation, and how to self-regulate

Bossy massage exercise
De-armouring of the belly
De-armouring of the chest
De-armouring of the face

Sexual Healing and Empowerment

Level 2

Building on the foundation of the primer and level 1, this set of 5 sessions will open you up and expand your whole being. 

3 sessions of 2 hour De-Armouring
1 session of 3-hour, full-body tantra massages

1 session of 3-hour empowerment session

What we will explore:
How to embrance and maximize pleasure, and explore your desires
How to create juicyness through taking and understanding the consent mechanism

The release of stuck emotions and stagnant energy in the yoni

Connecting the yoni and heart, increasing sensitivity, and inviting in different orgasms

How to embrace empowerment and take back your sexuality


  • Bossy Massage take/accept

  • Internal De-Armouring of the mouth

  • De-Armouring of the legs

  • Yoni De-Armouring

  • Full-Body Tantra Massage

  • Empowerment Session

Single Sessions

Dive deep into the sensual experience that is the Tantra Massage. This lush massage will provide nourishment and rejuvenation in abundance, and can bring you into orgasmic, blissful states.

If you have never had the chance to receive this full-body experience, it is something out of this world. Unlike other massages, the Tantra Massage softens your body, awakens your sexual energy and spreads it throughout your body increasing pleasure, bliss and ecstatic states while awakening your emotions, releasing old patterns and energies.

In the Tantra Massage you come as you are. Nothing is expected of you, and you are free to be whoever you are, without judgement, shame, or expectations.

The Tantra Massage is your space. 

Tantra Massage Taster

½ hr. 450 DKK

For the curious, this fully clothed, half-hour Tantra Massage taster will provide an insight into what it is like be touched like never before.

This is for you who:

Is curious but overwhelmed 
Need help letting go of thoughts

Longing for conscious touch 
Can only spare little time 

Wants a gentle approach to physicality

Sensual Tantra Massage

2 hr. 1200 DKK

Melt into the sensuality of conscious touch and open your heart, body and mind to pleasure, ecstasy and bliss, as you receive touch befitting the goddess you are.

This is for you who:

Wants to explore
Need help connecting to the body
Not ready for the full-body experience

Longing for intimacy, physicality and sensuality

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Full-Body Tantra Massage

3 hr. 2100 DKK

The full experience, connecting with parts of your body never knew you had - letting go of shame, guilt, fear, and all the emotions holding your back from feeling everything.

This is for you who:

Is ready to go on a journey 
Long for connecting yoni and heart

Need intimacy, physicality, sensuality, and a conscious, expanded eroticism

Includes Yoni Massage

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Tantric Goddess Massage

3 hr. 2600 DKK

Be ready to be adored as the goddess you are. This deluxe massage

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Tantric Yoni Massage

1½ hr. 1000 DKK

This massage can only be booked if we have worked together previously.

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Moon Massage

½ hr. 450 DKK

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