Tantra Massage

The Unique Full-Body, Sensual-Meditative Experience

The Tantra Massage is a full-body, 2-3 hour, deeply nourishing, meditative experience. It works to relax your body, then awaken your energy and spread it throughout your whole body through a beautiful blend of conscious touch, body-to-body movements, long body slides, deep pressure and weight, lifting and bending, energy work, and space holding. It will awaken your sensuality, while helping you reach a peaceful state of mind and surrender to the moment. To pleasure.

In the tantra massage you will purely be a receiver and nothing is expected of you. You are free to be whoever you are, and your body is free to react in any way it feels, without judgement, shame, or expectations. The tantra massage is your space and only about you.

Included in a 3 hour massage is half an hours talk, one hour on the back, one on the front, and half an hours yoni - massage if requested. 

Unfortunately this massage is unavailable to men at the moment. Ask for referrals if you are interested in this massage.

Read an in-depth guide of the massage here, and please read terms and conditions here.


The tantra massage was a beautiful experience of receiving and safety to be with what is. Thomas was excellent in noticing subtle energy shifts, especially when I resisted a feeling by going off with my awareness - out of my body, being able to lead me through where I initially did not want to go, enabling me release old stuff. I am really grateful for that!

~ Guest