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Yoni Journey: 3x2-hour Course

Awaken, Heal, and Reclaim: Your Journey to Yoni Empowerment

  • 2 hours
  • 4.500 danske kroner
  • Tinkuy|Tagensvej

Service Description

Description: Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment with our exclusive 3x 2-Hour Yoni Massage and De-Armouring Mini-Course. This immersive experience is a sacred invitation for you to delve deep within, heal, and reclaim your innate power. Unveil Your Yoni's Potential: Unlock the profound wisdom and potential held within your yoni, your sacred temple. Through a series of three meticulously crafted sessions, you will embark on a path of self-discovery, emotional release, and intimate reconnection. Reawaken Sensations and Release Blockages: Each session is designed to gently guide you through the layers of emotional and physical blockages, allowing you to reawaken long-forgotten sensations and release stagnant energies. Experience the therapeutic power of de-armouring and yoni massage as you journey toward inner harmony and healing. Empowerment Through Understanding: Led by our experienced practitioner, you will gain insights into the intricate connection between your body, mind, and spirit. Learn how to navigate your boundaries, honor your desires, and embrace your feminine essence with newfound confidence. Experience Pleasure and Wholeness: Reclaim your body's natural state of pleasure and wholeness as you embark on this empowering voyage. This mini-course is a transformative investment in your well-being, offering you the tools and guidance to tap into your yoni's true potential and experience a profound sense of liberation. Awaken your yoni, heal your being, and reclaim your empowerment. Enroll in our 3x 2-Hour Yoni Massage and De-Armouring Mini-Course today and step into a realm of self-discovery, healing, and profound transformation. ** how to book ** When booking, you will book only the first session. After this session is concluded we will set up the coming 2 sessions manually.

Contact Details

  • Badstuestræde 13, Copenhagen Municipality, Denmark


  • Tagensvej 85C, Copenhagen Municipality, Denmark


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