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Red Tantra Massage

Awaken Your Inner Fire: Embrace the Red Tantra Bliss

  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • 2.800 danske kroner
  • Soulbliss

Service Description

Welcome to Slow Bodywork's transformative Red Tantra Massage - an exquisite, full-body, 3-hour journey that transcends the boundaries of conventional massage. This deeply nourishing and meditative experience is carefully crafted to bring you unparalleled relaxation, awakening your energy, and spreading it throughout your entire being. Our skilled practitioner initiates the Tantra Massage by guiding you into a profound state of relaxation, creating a safe and sacred space for your journey. Through a beautiful blend of conscious touch, long body slides, deeply relaxing pressure and weight, lifts, bends, and emotional space holding, your senses will be awakened, and your life force ignited. Embrace the opportunity to connect with unattended aspects of yourself, delve into your sensitivity, sensuality, and embrace your feminine being. Awaken your erotic energy, as a velvety softness envelops your being, transporting you to a new dimension of pure relaxation and inner peace. Throughout the session, you'll be held in a space of deep love and connectedness. The Tantra Massage is your sanctuary of pure receptivity, where nothing is expected of you. Feel free to be your authentic self, allowing your body to react naturally, without judgment, shame, or expectations. This sacred experience is uniquely tailored to you, fostering an environment of complete surrender and self-discovery. Your 3-hour journey includes a 30-minute talk to set intentions and address any questions you may have. You'll then be treated to one hour of a blissful back massage, followed by another hour on the front. And for those who wish to experience it, the optional yoni massage awaits you for the final 30 minutes of your session. Embrace the profound transformation that awaits you through our Red Tantra Massage at Slow Bodywork. Awaken your sensuality, surrender to the moment, and connect with the deepest parts of yourself. It's a journey of self-love, empowerment, and spiritual growth, leaving you with a newfound sense of wholeness and harmony. At Slow Bodywork, we honor the sacred feminine essence within you, and the yoni massage is a profound celebration of this divine energy. It's an optional part of your journey, where you are gently guided into embracing your femininity and connecting with the wisdom and power inherent within your yoni. This practice is held with the utmost care, respect, and reverence, allowing you to fully experience the sacredness of your being. Your comfort and

Contact Details

  • SoulBliss, Vesterbrogade, København V, Denmark


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