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Black Tantra Massage

Embark on a Boundless Journey: Tantra Unleashed

  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • 3.400 danske kroner
  • Soulbliss

Service Description

Experience the pinnacle of tantric exploration with our Black Tantra Massage – a transformative and boundary-pushing 2½-hour session that transcends the ordinary. This exclusive offering is designed for those well-versed in tantra, seeking to explore the depths of their desires within a carefully set frame of consent and respect. At Slow Bodywork, we invite you to express your innermost desires and curiosities, as you embark on a journey of profound self-discovery and liberation. The Black Tantra Massage grants you the freedom to request anything – yes, anything – during both the pre-talk and the massage itself. However, the foundation of this extraordinary experience lies in the mutual agreement that every request is met with the possibility of a respectful "no" from our practitioner. In the pre-talk, we establish the boundaries and frame for the entire session, creating a safe and sacred space for exploration. This framework remains inviolable throughout the massage, allowing you to push your boundaries and indulge in the realms of your deepest longings, knowing that you are held in utmost care and understanding. The Black Tantra Massage is not for the faint of heart; it's an experience for the bold and adventurous soul, eager to delve into the uncharted territories of sensuality and spirituality. Your journey is guided by a skilled practitioner who embrace your desires with reverence and acceptance, providing an experience like no other. Embrace the infinite possibilities of the Black Tantra Massage and discover the true essence of tantra - a path of boundless exploration, empowerment, and profound awakening. Unleash your desires, liberate your soul, and experience a transformative journey that will leave you forever changed.

Contact Details

  • SoulBliss, Vesterbrogade, København V, Denmark


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