Release Stuck Emotions and Come Into Your Power

“We cannot be more sensitive to pleasure without being more sensitive to pain”  ~ Alan Watts

Yes, pleasure and pain is equally difficult for us. But the more we practice to release, relax, and stay with ourselves, the deeper in contact we come with true joy, intuition, and a sense of aliveness. Simply put, de-armoring is a way to open up and release everything that hinders you from being in alignment, in your power, and having control over your life.

When we refer to De-Armouring, or the removal of "armour", we talk about the protective shielding we create in our lives which are a result of blockages created by trauma, thought-patterns and experiences we have had. This protection hinders life-force from flowing freely throughout the body which hardens and desensitize it. It also clouds the mind and makes it difficult to navigate through life.

De-Armouring can be compared to a trigger point massage where deep pressure is put on various points on the body to release physical, emotional and mental tensions. The points are external, centered around stomach, chest, and face, but can be internal as well - but never in the first sessions, and only when the client is comfortable with this. The pressure massage is then assisted by space holding and exercises.


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Frankie Bolder