Tantra Massage

The Unique Full-Body, Sensual-Meditative Experience

The Tantra Massage is a full-body, deeply nourishing, meditative experience. It works to relax your body, then awaken your sexual energy and spread it throughout your body, through a beautiful blend of energy work, conscious touch, long body slides, deep pressure and weight, lifting and bending, and space holding. It will awaken your senses, while helping you reach a peaceful state of mind - and surrender to the moment.

In the Tantra Massage you are purely the receiver and nothing is expected of you. You are free to be whoever you are, and your body is free to react in any way it feels, without judgement, shame, or expectations. The Tantra Massage is your space.

Tantra massages can be both therapeutic, healing, and sensual. They can be a journey of growth, where you dive into different emotions and states, connecting to your body wisdom and heal past trauma, or they can be a playful, joyous experience where you simply let go and be you, without expectation or judgement, in the moment.

Tantra Massages are performed on a mattress on the floor. 

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