Tantra Massage

The Unique Full-Body, Sensual-Meditative Experience

The Tantra Massage is a full-body, deeply nourishing, meditative experience. It works to relax your body, then awaken your energy and spread it throughout your whole body through a beautiful blend of energetic movements, conscious touch, long body slides, deep pressure and weight, lifting and bending, and space holding. It will awaken your senses, while helping you reach a peaceful state of mind - and surrender to the moment.

In the Tantra Massage you are purely the receiver and nothing is expected of you. You are free to be whoever you are, and your body is free to react in any way it feels, without judgement, shame, or expectations. The Tantra Massage is your space.

Tantra massages can be both therapeutic, healing, and sensual. They can be a journey of growth, where you dive into different emotions and states, connecting to your body wisdom and heal past trauma, or they can be a playful, joyous experience where you simply let go and be you, without expectation or judgement, in the moment.

Tantra Massages are performed on a mattress on the floor. 

Read an in-depth guide of the massage here

Terms & Conditions
  • A Touch of the Sublime

    30 min

    300 Danish kroner
  • Connect with the mind-body

    2 hr

    1,200 Danish kroner
  • Connect with the sublime

    3 hr

    1,800 Danish kroner
  • Be conscious of your sacred space

    2 hr

    1,200 Danish kroner
  • Full service. Whatever you need - only for you.

    3 hr

    1,800 Danish kroner

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tantra?

Tantra is an ancient spiritual philosophy originating from northern India, focused on how to become more conscious in life through ceremonies, and practices like yoga and meditation. In whole, the philosophy is huge and covers a variety of ways to live your life more authentically and true to yourself.

Despite its reputation, only 5-10% of the tantric texts talk about sexuality - and this is because, like with for example the Romans, sex and sexuality was just a part of daily life.

How should I prepare for a session?

Set an intention - what do I want to work on?

Ask yourself - How much clothing would make me comfortable in the massage today? and, are any parts of my body are off-limits today.

Remember to mention medical ailments beforehand, to avoid heavy perfume and smoking just before the massage, and to clear your calendar after, so you have time for integration.

What should I expect from my first session?

The best way to approach a Tantra Massage, is to expect nothing and be curious. While perhaps difficult for some, it keeps your mind and body open to all experiences, and avoids comparisons. 

In the first session though, we will have a short conversation about boundaries, and how to relax fully in the massage, and what to be attentive of. You will also get a chance to talk about intentions and why you decided to try it.

A lot may happen in the massage, or nothing may happen (which is also a lot emotionally). You may cry, be aroused, get sad or angry, become orgasmic, your body may move on its own, or you may feel numb/nothing. Either way, you will be another person after the massage.

Is a Tantra Massage sexual?

A tantra Massage is sensual, i.e. it works with your senses, like touch/feeling, smell, sound, energy, etc. to support you in becoming more conscious and aware of your body. In a Tantra Massage you may feel sexual energy or even aroused, but this is just one of many experiences you potentially may feel, and you will never be judged for any of them.

You may learn a lot about your own sexuality in the massage, though - as you come closer to yourself.

What is a Yoni Massage?

Tantra Massages are full-body massages, which means that we are trained in massaging every part of the body, including breasts, genitals and anus. This does not mean you have to receive massage on any of those points when booking, though. It is a service on offer. 

Yoni is sanskrit for "sacred space", or "temple", and refers to the vagina. Tantra does not discriminate between body parts - rather everything has a function, and everything needs a touch and massage to heal and support awareness.

Do you work with male-bodied clients?

At this time I do not offer male-bodied persons Tantra Massages, but I can refer anyone interested to both male and female practitioners in my network.

I do offer De-Armouring to males though.


Opening Hours

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