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Test-body-bunny application

Enjoy Free Bodywork

From time to time I am in need of test bodies for my own educational purposes. Any bodies are welcome; tall or short; heavy or light; weathered or pristine; happy or sad; young or old; male or female. Whatever your type, you are welcome to apply.

Before choosing to become a bunny there are several things that you should know.

What you need to know:

Being at test body is not a one-off thing. I will most likely require your services several times, so expect to be asked to come back. Furthermore, massages won't be as you may expect with the full experience. Most likely i will be training specific areas or specific effects, but can in some cases be an entire experience.

Before choosing bunnies, it is required that we meet so I can get an idea of who you are and what your situation in life is, and if this is a good idea. It is important that we resonate and have good chemistry, since we will be working together. So after reading your application I will most likely invite you for a cup of tea.

When a bunny, you will be invited in for sessions, and you will clearly be informed of what the session is about beforehand so you can decide if you want to participate or not. It is completely voluntary, and you can also at any time during a massage say no.


  • You have to be minimum 18 years old.

  • You have to be readily available in the larger Copenhagen area.

  • Have clear and expressive boundaries, or being open to work on them from day one.

  • Be open-minded and curious.

  • Be ok with being asked for pictures or short movies taken of non-identifiable, non-sexual body-parts for promotional purposes (it is ok to say no)

  • Have social media accounts and be okay with doing some promotional work yourself.

  • Bodywork/spiritual/tantric experience is not a requirement, but highly appreciated.

What I offer:

  • Free massages for training purposes.

  • Further discounts on other types of massages for you, your friends, and family.

  • Tantric/spiritual coaching and teachings, and access to my knowledge and experience for further growth.

  • Co-branding opportunities.

Please include the following in your application:

  • Your age, name, and current residence.

  • Link to picture of you - perhaps even just your social media account.

  • A brief description of who you are, your current situation in life, and why you find this interesting.

  • A short insight into your experience with tantra, bodywork, De-Armouring, or anything else relevant.

  • If you have had a traumatic past, and what kind of trauma you may have, and if you want to work on them.

  • A short note on what you expect from this work, and a rough idea of where your boundaries are (what you feel that you are not interested in)..

Thanks for submitting!