My Purpose

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, I offer a variety of alternative massages that work on therapeutic, energetic, and somatic levels, both locally and remote. Through this I unlock the potential of self-healing in each guest, sometimes resulting in improvements from the very first session.

Trust my hands, trust your ability to heal and allow yourself to feel better than you ever imagined possible.




Tao-inspired Deep Relaxation Massage

Take A Dive into Your Inner Self

A beautiful blend of techniques and intuition from taoist traditions, this massage is designed to make you relaxed so you will feel fresh and renewed.

Offered in a 1 or 2 hour version, full-body or part specific, typically on the back, shoulders, neck, and upper chest. 



Release Stuck Emotions and Come Into Your Power

This immensely powerful type of bodywork which can be a deeply emotional, healing, and transformative experience. It is a combination of trigger point pressure and space holding - used in conjunction with a wide variety of exercises and teachings. 

Each session is uniquely tailored to you, and is aimed at helping you come into your own power.


Tantra Massage

The Unique Full-Body, Sensual-Meditative Experience

This is a 2-3 hour intimate, hands-on heart experience that leaves you feeling deeply relaxed and rejuvenated on a whole new level. While the massage is a mix of different eastern and western techniques and theories, each session is intuitively designed for your body type, need and intention.

A perfect start into your inwards transformative journey.




~ Guest

I felt completely safe and relaxed with Thomas, who was very present, calm and loving as a masseur. He has helped me like no one else has been able to open me up and listen to my body, my heart and my needs. Strengthen the love for myself and my self-esteem. After the massages, I feel full of energy and freedom, clear in my head, warm and light in heart, more strong and confident, and not least filled with love and joy.

It is a wonderfully enriching experience and journey to take a course at Thomas with both tantra and de-amouring that I can recommend to any woman, for the greatest self-love gift to yourself.


Badstuestræde 13, 1209 København K

+45 28964617

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